About us

Our Company has been revamping machine tools since 1989. The structure of our company enables us to perform mechanical repairs on machines by relying on external firms for moderate and extensive adjustment and repair work, while performing assembly, joining and finishing internally. The mechanical design is developed by the company’s internal technical office. We always internally manage the creation of wiring diagrams and automated electrical control panels and the development of PLC logic and software dedicated to NC. Each machine that is revamped is supplied with detailed technical instruction manuals, including mechanical assembly drawings, exploded view drawings and material parts lists for ensuring future maintenance. Every revamped machine is accompanied with the relevant technical documentation to obtain CE marking. We have experience working with vertical and parallel lathes of medium and large size, mobile column and T-type boring machines. Our activities concern both machines which may or may not require repair and on which numerical control can be applied or upgraded. An activity that we are particularly specialised in is the transformation of gear-hobbing machines, gear-shapers and machines for bevel gears by applying numerical control. We have created guided software for programming these machines. It is very easy and intuitive and is particularly appreciated by users. Our company deals with technical and after-sales relations with the end-user, but prefers to use their well-established collaboration with the sector sales operators to promote sales.

Nothing is created by chance...

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    • WE HAVE BEEN SPECIALISED IN THE MAINTENANCE AND REVAMPING OF MACHINE TOOLS SINCE 1989, operating on traditional machines for removing shavings, special machines and machines for grinding and cutting gears.
    • WE PERFORM A WIDE RANGE OF OPERATIONS ON MACHINE TOOLS, from basic maintenance to complete revamping with total mechanical and electrical reconstruction, application of guards for safe use, manual writing, adjusting regulations, CE marking.


    • WE MANAGE MECHANICAL AND ELECTRICAL DESIGN, SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT AND ASSEMBLY. Our quality service guarantees with state-of-the-art tools both the quality of the components and of the work entrusted to external collaborators and that the end product complies with the pre-established objectives.
    • VWE SELL TURNKEY SOLUTION MACHINE TOOLS, retrofitted gear-hobbing machines managed on six numerically controlled axes, repairs, retrofitting and adjustment of safety on request, applications and equipment for machine tools.


    • ALL OUR MACHINES HAVE CE MARKING, and are provided with use and maintenance manuals, wiring and hydraulic diagrams, mechanical drawings for assembly and technical documentation.